Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for the Thiqa Programme?

What is the cost of a Thiqa Programme membership?

How long does it take to enrol in Thiqa?

Where can I enrol or renew Thiqa?

What documents do I have to provide at enrolment/renewal?

Whom to contact if I have any question regarding the coverage?

What is the coverage period?

If I travel abroad will I still be covered there?

How can I receive reimbursement for any bills that I had to pay out of pocket for medical emergency treatment?

What documents do I have to provide in order to receive reimbursement for services paid out of my pocket?

What is the time limitation to submit my reimbursement claims after I have used a medical service that I had to pay for out of pocket?

How long does a reimbursement claim usually take to be processed and reimbursed?

Where can I get information regarding the status of my claims?

How can I provide feedback or ask questions regarding my Thiqa membership and benefits?

In case my reimbursement claim has been rejected - what can I do?

How can I get treatment at a hospital?

Should my Emirates ID number not be on the system how can I add it?

Are the Thiqa programme and Emirates ID expiry dates linked?

If the Emirates ID expires, will this interrupt my Thiqa programme coverage?

Can I use my Emirates ID as proof of my Thiqa programme coverage if I travel out of the UAE?

How can I get my Thiqa programme digital card number?

I have lost my Emirates ID. How can I avail any medical services I may need until I receive my replacement card?